Our Friend’s Wonderful Home


We recently visited our friend’s lovely home. It is in fact a lovely home for a lovely couple.

I am not saying that their house is a grand mansion. In fact it is small one-storey thingy in a low-cost housing area. They just maximized the small lot so that they have a big floor area for their house. So it does not have a parking lot. But it was okay. The neighborhood is nice so they can just park the car outside.

When I say a lovely home, I mean lovely because they have really beautified their humble abode. It is neat and clean and orderly. They have use items to maximize space like shelves, cabinets, and dividers. I really love what they did with their house!

Additionally, which I think is most important, is that their house is full of love. Yep! Their home is made lovely because of the love this couple share with each other and with their kids. They live humbly and frugally and as with many other couples, they try also try to make both ends meet. But they also maintain the loving and warm feeling inside the house. And their house is really a home. What a lovely family!

One thing that concerns them is that most of their windows are facing east, which get all the glare from the rising sun. Although they like taking their young son outside in order to breathe fresh air and have his “sun time”, indoors it can get really warm. I told them to use Cheap pleated blinds so that the rays of the sun are blocked. They say that they will make a budget for it when they get the husband’s bonus this month.

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