My Parents’ Home in the Suburbs


We are very excited because my small family and I are going on this little weekend trip to my parents’ house. It is just about a 30-minute drive away from where we are staying right now at my in-laws’ place, but we cannot go there always because we are also working up until the evening. My husband’s gets off work at 7 pmĀ  so we just eat dinner and then rest for the night. So we try to schedule visiting them at least once a month because after all, we see each other in church every Sunday.

But whenever we go there, we make it a point to stay there overnight so that they can also enjoy my daughter’s company–their granddaughter and so that they can also build a relationship.

We are also excited to go home because whenever we go to their house, we would notice something new in the place. My father is already retired and my mother is a housewife so they both pretty much do nothing except tend the house and think up of something to remodel or renovate. Because they are always there, they can always see something that they can improve on. Or they will buy something new to spruce up the place–a new lighting fixture, a new vase, some new pots, new plants, new kitchen shelves or new appliances.

Last time, their many windows had roman blinds on them to keep the sunlight’s glare from going inside the house. But now that the trees are all grown up outside and are covering the windows, my mother has opted to put up curtains instead.

I like the look of the curtains because they are so homey, unlike the blinds that look clinical and corporate. I really liked the warm feel of the ruffled curtains–our house looks like a country home now.

I wonder what new thing we will see this time when we go there this weekend? hehe

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