The Kardashians Are Simply Businessmen

I have read recently that the Kardashian sisters—Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe–will soon be launching a Kardashian Kollection of denims for Sears. The three of them took their shirts off for a topless photo shoot. Hounded by intrigues, they just seem to laugh everything off and just gamely flaunt all their family and personal affairs on

Aaron Gonzalez Game Farm and Breeding History

Aaron Gonzalez Game Farm and Breeding History During my visit last year to the farm of breeder Aaron “Bagyo” Gonzales, it was no joke when his handler Rex “Butch” Gonzales said that the game farm was in the sky. Or at least very near it. Butch, who is also Bagyo’s nephew, picked me up at

Easy A (2010)

Easy A is the first movie I watched that starred Emma Stone. She is super cute in this flick. But well, ain’t she always? This is a teenage film that has a some drama, some humorous situations (especially with the Penderghast family situations), and deep sensitivities in our culture, such as teen sex, losing one’s