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Looking for permanent makeup in Bacolod? Visit Jenelyn’s Embroidery.

Most people, if not all, want to look good all the time. But while others painstakingly apply makeup everyday, others do not have the luxury of time nor the creativity to do so. If they can have permanent makeup, why not? Here in Bacolod, we can have a variety of permanent makeup services at Jenelyn’s Embroidery.

permanent makeup bacolod - jenelyns embroidery - owner
Miss Jen at Jenelyn’s Embroidery. She loves the beauty business because it makes her happy. She is very knowledgeable, having been trained abroad.

So while we can have DIY make up at home for everyday beauty needs and our trusted Bacolod hair and make up artists for special occasions, we can now have permanent makeup for those times when we just want to look “naturally beautiful” without much effort.

permanent makeup bacolod - jenelyns embroidery - nail polish samples
Ms. Jen with her nail color samples.

Jenelyn’s Embroidery Services

Jenelyn’s Embroidery has some of the most specialized beauty services here in Bacolod City.

  • Glutathione Push Whitening
  • Permanent Makeup

-Eyebrow Tattoo
-6D Eyebrow Microblading
-3D Eyebrow Microblading
-Sharing Eyebrow Tatoo
-Lip Tattoo
-Eyeliner Tattoo

  • Eyelash Extensions

-Human Hair

permanent makeup Bacolod - Jenelyn's Embroidery - human hair eyelash extensions
I had human hair eyelash extensions at Jenelyn’s Embroidery. The result is awesome. Read about my experience. Click the link below.


  • Warm Wax

-Upper Lip
-Full Face
-Full Body
-Full Arms
-Full Legs
-Half Legs
-Chest Female
-Chest Male

permanent makeup bacolod - jenelyns embroidery - gel nail polish
Gel nail polish at Jenelyn’s Embroidery is affordable and they apply it pretty fast. Love it! They have many colors as well as combinations to choose from, including color-changing ones.
permanent makeup bacolod - jenelyns embroidery - gel nail polish - uv lamp
My gel nail polish drying under the UV lamp.
  • Nail and Foot Spa

-Gel Sculpture (Extension)
-Acrylic Nail Extensions
-Gel Polish Manicure
-OPI Nail Polish Manicure
-Gel Nail Art
-Foot Spa with Pedicure
-Foot Spa
-Foot Massage
-Paraffin Wax with Manicure or Pedicure

permanent makeup bacolod - jenelyns embroidery - acrylic nail extensions
Good quality acrylic nail extensions at Jenelyn’s Embroidery.
permanent makeup bacolod - jenelyns embroidery - foot spa
A couple of clients having gel pedicure at Jenelyn’s Embroidery.

What is Permanent Makeup For?

A lot of us women want to achieve a certain look, such as a certain shape for our eyebrows (kilay is life, dahlings!) , a more defined eyeliner, or naturally full red lips. We achieve all that with makeup. But sometimes, we just don’t have the time for it.

permanent makeup bacolod - jenelyns embroidery - makeup tattoo apparatus
The apparatus needed for permanent makeup at Jenelyn’s Embroidery.

There are many working moms who have to strike a balance between motherhood, work, and many other things that putting on makeup just hinders them from finishing their tasks. Permanent makeup can do that for you.

Permanency of Tattoos

There are shades to choose from when having makeup tattoos. Eventually, these can lighten with time and with how you care for it (i.e. beauty products used), but it will take a long time for you to have a retouch.

Does it Hurt?

I have yet to experience getting a makeup tattoo, but I was told that it wouldn’t hurt at all because of the topical anesthesia. When the anesthesia subsides, it may sting a bit. The important thing is to stay out of the sun during the curing period and if possible, to stay in a cool place. The tattoo should not be washed for at least 12 hours to allow for healing and for the pigment to settle.

permanent makeup bacolod - jenelyns embroidery - makeup tattoo
The treatment room at Jenelyn’s Embroidery. Reservation is needed because Ms. Jen personally handles the tattoo.

About Jenelyn’s Embroidery Bacolod

Jenelyn’s Embroidery is a salon that specializes in beauty enhancements like nail tech, eyelash extensions, and permanent makeup. They have personalized service and friendly staff, even the owner also serves from time to time. Prices are reasonable, too.

Since the are of Jenelyn’s Embroidery is small, it is best to book an appointment before visiting.

Sparties at Jenelyn’s Embroidery

You can hold bridal sparties at Jenelyn’s Embroidery with your BFFs right before your wedding in Bacolod. Pamper and beautify yourselves in an intimate beauty session. You can bring your own food and they can provide the venue and beauty services. Visit or call them for arrangements.

permanent makeup bacolod - jenelyns embroidery - sparty
Have a sparty or enjoy some me-time at Jenelyn’s Embroidery.

Jenelyn’s Embroidery

2nd Floor, University Courtyard, La Salle Avenue
Bacolod City, 6100 Negros Occidental

Open from Monday to Saturdays, from 10am to 7pm
FB Page: Jenelyn’s Embroidery
For appointments, contact: (0915) 3519408 | 034 705 8806

permanent makeup bacolod - jenelyns embroidery - gel nail polish
Getting my gel nail polish applied by Ms. Jen at Jenelyn’s Embroidery.

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