JACK & JILL SCHOOLS and CASTLESON HIGH: New English and Math Curriculum

Jack & Jill Schools and Castleson High
starts the new school year in Bacolod with
improved English and Math Curriculum.

Eureka Math and Wit and Wisdom English

Jack & Jill Schools Bacolod
The main campus of Jack & Jill Schools at Homesite, Bacolod City, Philippines.

Jack & Jill Schools in Bacolod has become a well-established institution, a name respected in the field of education not only in Bacolod City but eventually in the province of Negros Occidental. It is one of the earliest private preschools that have survived the times and changes of society by continuously evolving and expanding its campuses and curriculum.

Beginnings of Jack & Jill Schools

Mrs. Cecilia del Castillo Lopez of Bacolod City is the founder of Jack & Jill Schools and Castleson High. Her first pre-school was started in Homesite (a.k.a. People’s Homesite Housing Community), Bacolod City in 1963. She developed an efficient way of teaching children how to spell, read, and write and this system has been effectively used at Jack & Jill Schools. She also published workbooks in coloring and penmanship, which are still being used in the schools until today.

Jack & Jill Schools Bacolod
Mrs. Cecilia del Castillo Lopez, founder of Jack & Jill Schools.

Eventually, Jack & Jill expanded and opened campuses at City Heights Subdivision also in Bacolod City as well as in Victorias City, Negros Occidental. They also added elementary and high school levels to cater to their growing preschool graduates.

Mrs. Lopez then opened the first private special education in Bacolod City called the Sidera Special Child Center in 1995. Today, this is the first school in Visayas that has successfully implemented the inclusion of special education into the regular classroom.

Sidera School
Sidera School

Eureka Math and Wit and Wisdom English

The matriarch is now approaching 88 years old. Her daughter, who has a PhD in Developmental Psychology in the United States, and grandchildren, namely Krishna Jay Lopez and April Martinez, are now managing the schools. They have recently facilitated a curriculum redevelopment and incorporated Eureka Math and Wit and Wisdom English as part of the new curriculum in order to cope with the demands of our changing world. This summer, they hired a guest teacher and best-selling author from the United Kingdom to teach a special summer class in creative writing. In the next few years, Jack & Jill Schools are going to upgrade their technology and science education. All the schools under Jack & Jill continue to have karate as part of their physical education.

Jack & Jill Schools
The founder of Jack & Jill Schools, Mrs. Cecilia del Castillo Lopez, with her grandchildren, Krishna Jay Lopez and April Martinez.

The assessment, tracking of student learning, and continuous teacher development are keenly implemented because Mrs. Lopez, her daughter, grandchildren, and loyal teachers remain steadfast in their commitment to quality education.

Aside from working on their own curriculum and student development, Jack & Jill Schools also care for the young people outside their school walls. They have a big project in line, like the Bacolod Kids Read, a program that shares the love of books, reading, and storytelling to the less fortunate children in the city.

Classes for school year 2017-2018 start on June 13. For more information, visit their website: jjscastleson.org

Jack & Jill Schools and Castleson High

Tel. Nos. (63 34) 434-3094 or (63 34) 433-2019
#1 Block 1, Homesite, Bacolod City, 6100, Philippines
Email: vpjjscastleson@gmail.com

Jack & Jill Schools
Jack & Jill Schools Homesite.
Jack & Jill Schools
School buildings at Jack & Jill Homesite.

Jack & Jill School City Heights | Sidera Special Child Center

Jack & Jill School City Heights has two main buildings. The main building has the Nursery, Kinder, and the Sidera Special Child Center. The other building houses Grades 1 through 10. City Heights has 26 teachers and staff with almost 300 students. There are approximately 15 students per class across all grade levels.
Tel. Nos. (63 34) 434-2988
#1 Jade St, City Heights, Bacolod City, 6100, Philippines
Email: vpjjscastleson@gmail.com

Jack & Jill at Homesite.
Jack & Jill School and Castleson High City Heights.
Jack & Jill
School halls
Jack & Jill
Gymnasium at Jack & Jill School and Castleson High campus at City Heights.
Halls of Sidera.

Jack & Jill School Victorias

Jack & Jill School Victorias offers Nursery, Kinder 1, Kinder 2, and Grades 1 through 6. Castleson High offers Grades 7-11. This branch has 30 teachers and staff with almost 300 students. There are approximately 15-20 students per class across all grade levels.
Tel. No. (63 34) 399-2820
Magsaysay St., Barangay 4
Victorias City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Email: vpjjscastleson@gmail.com

Jack & Jill Victorias
Jack & Jill School Victorias. The third floor is under construction for the addition of computer labs and a mini auditorium.

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