C’s by L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod is a Bread and Desserts Heaven

C’s by L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod
has some of the best breads, cakes, and desserts
in the city. #Bacolodsweets

Bacolod sweets
Even if you are not a child, your eyes will light up with excitement when you enter C’s.

Calling Bacolod or Negros as Sugarlandia is very appropriate. Not only do we have expansive sugarcane field, we are also the biggest producer of sugar in the country. But aside from these well-known facts, Bacolod is also known for its sweet taste in foods and of course, her very sweet desserts. But while we all go for the popular, it would be nice to also check in some other players in the cake industry because honestly, there are already so many who have good products but we fail to see them because they are not at the top of our minds.

One morning, my family and I had a very filling tour of C’s Cafe, the bakeshop by L’Fisher Hotel. They make quality fresh breads daily as well as some of the best cakes and desserts that I have ever tried. And with French pastry Chef Denis Laumône at the helm, he has come up with some hybrids of French favorites that turned out to be so good.

Bacolod breads
Chef Denis Laumône holds a huge loaf of whole wheat bread. They use whole wheat because it has the most nutrients.
Bacolod cafe
Chef Denis created the cragel–a hybrid of the croissant and the bagel–flaky on the outside and chewy on the inside. It’s just buttery and perfect! Here it is served with slices of Norwegian salmon on top of lettuce and a thick spread of cream cheese. A meal in itself. P240.

C’s by L’Fisher Hotel
15th-Lacson Street
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Open daily, from 7am to 11pm

Bacolod sweets
Paris Bacolod croinuts and the dulce de leche corknuts. So good!
Bacolod sweets
Eclairs are among the bestselling sweets at C’s. They come in different flavors–caramel, Bavarian, Mocha, and Chocolate.
Bacolod breads
I especially love the crookie–a hybrid of the cookie and croissant…uhhhh sooo good! Flaky on the outside and moist in the middle. Perfect snack with coffee!

Chef Denis was a baker in France and in the United States. He specialized in breads, which is the reason why the breads at C’s have improved so much. He pushes for using only the best and natural ingredients, so you get the best of a French bakery such as baguettes, croinuts and croissants. All the breads are baked fresh daily, too. I was also very happy with the versions of Pinoy favorites like the ensaymada and buco pie. Their ensaymada was a really magical find for me because I like ensaymada. Theirs was really fluffy and big (about 6 inches in diameter), with a thick cream layer, and topped with another thick layer of shredded cheese. Much happiness!

Bacolod sweets
C’s giant ensaymada pictured here with the Piccolo–a one-shot coffee creation by Chef Denis,. At the back is the Malolos ensaymada variant (topped with slices of salted egg).
Bacolod sweets
C’s buco pie–firm filling made of macapuno in a buttery pie crust.

Aside from cakes and breads, C’s also serve deli sandwiches, pastas, and other snack items as well as coffee creations using Lavazza, the Italian coffee.

C’s is just on the right side, facing the L’Fisher Hotel, along 15th-Lacson Street, Bacolod City, so you wouldn’t miss it. They are open daily, from 7am to 11pm.

Bacolod sweets
C’s by the L’Fisher Hotel, along 15th-Lacson Street, Bacolod City.

More Sweet Creations at C’s

Bacolod sweets
Creme Brulee cheesecake topped with mango.
Bacolod sweets
C’s has some great Danish pastries, too.
Bacolod frozen desserts
You should try their frozen brazos, too.
Bacolod sweets
They also have cookie ice cream sandwich that comes in three flavors.
Bacolod cafe
The Piccolo–a one-shot coffee creation by Chef Denis. Picture here with the ham cragel.

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