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NAPOLEONES Bacolod pasalubong so sweet Part 2 of Bacolod pasalubong series Bacolod City, being the capital of Negros Occidental that is the largest sugar-producing province of the Philippines, it is no wonder then that people here have the sweet tooth. Yes, we love our sugar so much that enjoy using it not only in desserts but also in

Drugs Side Effects vs. Main Effects and HAIR LOSS

Side Effect vs. Main Effect Press release – In the medical world, everything should be carefully worded because a simple mistake could complicate things for the patients. Because this field is full of jargon that are mostly too technical for the general public, wording literature in layman’s terms is indeed helpful. A good example of


The most famous Bacolod pasalubong — Piaya Part 1 of Bacolod pasalubong series In recent years, Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental in southern PHILIPPINES, has seen the development of our Bacolod pasalubong items. Aside from baked goodies, we now have bottled preserves, articles of clothing from locally made silk, one of a kind fashion