First Blogapalooza Experience + LetsBuzzIn


Blogapalooza 2016 Blogging had always been something that I did since 1998. While my blogging back then consisted merely of my personal thoughts, this had evolved to become platform for me to promote campaigns while earning on the side. This endeavor had been particularly game changing for me, especially after…

Gift Yourself with CDR-King Blue Tooth Headsets this Christmas


Obey the Law on Driving Use bluetooth headsets It is such a relief that the Anti-distracted Driving Act was implemented earlier this year. At least people will be deterred about using their mobile phones while driving. After all, we should be fully focused in our driving otherwise we are neglecting own own safety…

Taking Gifting to the Next Level


Christmas is a big event for our family. Ever since our first child was born, we already hyped up the holidays as early as October. We have established our Christmas family traditions that we have so far followed for the last seven years. These traditions include a family Christmas pictorial,…